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Two locals and two unidentified skeletal bodies. It appears that one of the recently deceased was drained of all blood, whilst another has received a ...atal blow to the head killing him instantly. The authorities are currently lost as to how the skeletons were not burnt to a crisp along with the bodies flesh and blood.The only suspects or witnesses of the crime that the authorities know of from the CCTV footage are Charles Davidson and Kathryn Bryer and as of now police are searching for them. “Honey, I got some things from the store for you.”“Dad, I don’t want to talk now.” “KELSEY!”With some reluctance she came over to the table. I took out her gifts.“Try these on. “Kelsey looked them over. “I am not wearing that.”“There is a limit to my patience, try one on!” I scolded her in a firm voice.This is where yesterday’s brutality pays off. She knows I mean business and she went to change. I should have her change in front of me but…….While she changed my mind raced with thoughts. Mom handed me a paper napkin to dry my eyes. "Gee, Ihave such a great family!" I managed to get out through my tears ofjoy.Daddy left for work and my brothers headed out eventually in theirdirections leaving us girls home. Mom made a call to Mrs. Harold aboutwhere Carol Davis and the, "Princess's Dream Boutique", was. She saidshe'd be over and would show Mom where it was as it was on her way toher beauty salon. Quickly we restored the house before we left. I gaveLaura, Lisa and Debbie a quick. ” I paused for a brief moment and then chuckled, “Dang, foiled again.”Both Janet and Kim were busting a gut at my reply, while Kaleigh wasn’t quite sure what to make of my comments. When I caught her eye, I gave her a wink, and continued on, “Oh, Hi, Ms. Kim. How are you doing today? How is recruiting going over at the complex?”While still recovering from her bout of laughter, Kim replied, “Hello, Mike, I’m good, tired after this young lady here tried to kill me, but I’m doing well. As usual,.

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