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So I thank ‘nthusiastically’ who volunteered to help with the last few parts. I was surprised that some thought that just because an author makes ... mistake, he must be stupid and not know better, I found that accusation quite presumptuous! The reality is, in typing 60 — 70K words, a few do end up sideways, and I’m sorry for that. There were also some great comments that really made me think, especially one about wanting more conversations between Don and Grace, I had thought of that but I mused. As he headed back to his room Alice called him. She was already dressed and sitting at her makeup table, although she had no makeup on, she was fiddling with a black makeup pen. “Benjie, I was thinking. I know how much you enjoyed wearing my clothes, and Mum’s clothes, yesterday.”“Yes,” said Benjie a little suspiciously, he knew that voice, Alice was up to something and wanted to him to do something. She usually got her own way as she always had to have the last word.“Well you remember when. It wouldn't matter where I was. I could be at sixth form, home, a friend’s house or the pub. Suddenly, he’d pop into my head and I’d be horny beyond belief. Taking care of myself was nowhere near as satisfying as the real thing and I counted down the days until they returned from their honeymoon. Finally, two weeks passed and Eliza called to say they’d landed safely. Mum organised a family dinner that weekend at a restaurant in town so we could catch up. I spent the week planning what to wear. ’ ‘Shit, you are hitting on me.’ ‘I was thinking today at work how nice those kisses last week were. But those were play kisses and now there is something else behind them.’ She looked at me fiercely. ‘Are your folks home?’ ‘No, they are at a conference for the weekend.’ ‘You have pushed me over the line. We are going to your bed and you are taking care of my needs. Do you understand that?’ I kissed her knuckles and we left. Naked, crawling into my bed, she wasn’t as bold as in the burger.

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