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I might get to edge while testing with Mistress, always a favorite as she makes me count the minutes that pass as I hold the edge, inevitably she will...push me until I almost break, sometimes I must hold the edge for her as long as 20 minutes or more. I always enjoy these edges the most. Sometimes I get instructions for a special edge in a morning email. Normally I have plenty of time at work on Saturday for any special instructions or an extra-long chat with Mistress. This Saturday was none of. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa en kuthiyil sugam eerpatathu, vaayil sunni irupathum suvaiyaagave irunthathu. En echi thambiyin sunni muzhuvathum vadinthu irunthathu pinbu avan sunniyai vaayil vittu irukum pozhuthu athai pidithu adithukondu vaayil vitu irunthaan.Avanuku sugam thalaiku eeriyathai naan unarnthen sunniyai vegamaaga adithukondu vaayil vitu aatinaan.En mulaiyai azhuthi pidithukondu sunniya adithu vaayil vitu iruntha tharunathil thambiku kaama sugam thalaiku eeri avan sunniyil irunthu thean en. ’ I unzipped his pants which were bulging and then he made me take out his boner and hold it while we walked down the hall. We walked past the bathroom and I said, ‘I got to go.’ He said, ‘Go ahead. I get to watch.’ He stood there with his stiff dick hanging out while I tried to pee. I said, ‘I can’t pee while you’re watching.’ He said, ‘No problem. We’ve got a lot of time. Blow me while you’re trying to pee.’ Then he held his boner out and made me take it into my mouth while I sat there on. Rosie wanted to be angry with her, but the girls smile extended through her eyes and completely disarmed her. S.. Sorry Bobby stammered, Rosie, this is Georgina, my girlfriend Georgie she corrected, offering her hand to Rosie, Only my mum calls me Georgina, Bobbles! Rosie took Georgies hand and shook it, her annoyance and embarrassment evaporating. She remained jealous though, wondering what Bobbles was doing with this slip of a girl, no matter how cute she was. Bobby introduced Rosie as a.

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