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The black of her hair had faded to a misty gray. Her eyes stared out, wide-eyed at nothing. Logan could see right through her, to the rock on which sh... still lay!He watched what remained of her try to stagger to her feet. The woman’s face was blank. There was no identify, no sense of self in her eyes. All that remained was a ragged, empty husk of what had once been a person, whole and true — a faint echo of a soul condemned to eternal suffering.The wind surged. As if she weighed no more than a. As I knocked on the brass door a few seconds later a woman appeared at the door, mid 40s, tall, brown ei black hair in a pencil skirt and a shirt. With heels on as well she looked rather intimidating but smiled and said “oh you’re his present” I half smiled and nodded not knowing what to say. She invited me in, fixed me a drink of cider saying “its what all the young boys love isn’t it” and led me down into the cellar. She then told me she was going to get me ready, she asked me to strip from. After a passionate kiss for 2 or 3 min she released herself and fought with me for holding her boobs. She got angry and left. I was in no mood of going behind her and slept. It was around 7 and almost dark. The boy came and woke me up and told sir dinner is ready. I was surprised what dinner at 7 he revealed that my friends had asked for a quick dinner as they had booked for a night safari. After dinner we were put in two jeeps and take for a drive. Sweta was sitting next to me and i was. All night long I asked… Ana said that's what Helena claimed.Then I asked her if she was excited thinking about it. Then Ana replied, as a matter of fact, her pussy was getting wet right now.Friday evening I was getting dressed to spend the night outside, when Ana walked in from her bathroom wearing a black garter belt and lace stockings. Her smooth shaven vagina was uncovered as was her round nice breast.She slipped on a pair of black high heels, then a transparent black lace night gown. I.

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