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I looked down at my darling girl, her shaven mound, her wonderful sensitive breasts and that mouth made for kissing and sucking. You would so enjoy th... next few hours.I had to leave you for 5 minutes while I went to bring your present in from the car, but the size meant if it was to be a true surprise it would have to be left on the landing until I was ready.I undressed myself and then sat beside you naked on the bed. You mumbled something in your sleep, a slumber I now had to wake you from. A. So it was not at all a problem. She would stand close to me at some point in time. Every time she came close, the smell of her body would make me mad. The lovely lingering smell of her hot body would stay with me for long.As time passed, my desires towards Malar kept hitting new heights. It was lust, pure gorgeous lust. The inflaming sacred energy that elevates us makes us feel so special, attracted towards somebody. It makes us do crazy things. We started to speak for a longer time on the. It made her ... well, she didn't know for sure how it made her feel, the only thing that came to mind was humiliated. If she would have felt these feelings before, she would probably have thought of it as being disgraced and belittled by those men."He he," she heard one of them say. "I think she likes it."When Sabina heard this, she felt so bad about this. "They know!" she thought. "They know I'm feeling pleasure from this." Just the thought of this made her cry even more, and then she pleaded. Seconds ago I was sucking that hot cock, now it was going to fuck me. He started to push and Wow he was in me. He had worked on my asshole for a long time and it paid off. Slowly he work his 8 inch cock in and out of my tight ass. Soon he was pounding me like the guys on the screen. I was backing up against him taking all he had to give me, I was his butt slut and he knew it.He grabbed my hips and slammed his cock in my open ass. SLAP he would smack my ass from time to time, OMG I Loved It....

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