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Lucille was elated that Midge seemed to be accomplishing their plan, but she was dismayed that both of them were keeping it so private, if she weren't...included in their fun and games now, she reasoned that she wouldn't be when Midge finally convinced Stuart to set them up in a house. Also, as much as she hated to admit it to herself, she was beginning to miss Midge's adulation of her, both mentally and physically.Each night, upon returning from Stuart's room, Midge would go immediately to. It was slightly dusty and it looked to Joel that it hadn't been disturbed in quite some time. Joel handed the box to Janie.Janie carried the metal box over to the dresser and sat it down. She opened the middle dresser drawer and looked inside, shuffling through the contents."I don't know where he kept the key. Can we break it open Joey?"Joel looked at the lock on the box and ran his fingers over it."I think I can pry it open with a screwdriver honey. Did Hank have any tools here?" I think. C came in and sat next to A. A started kissing her. Initially she was hesitant as I was sitting nearby. That reluctance went away in a couple of minutes. A waved to me asking to join., I went near her and kissed her on her nape. I could see a wave of excitement going through her.She turned her head as if asking me to kiss her. I took her lips in mine and we kissed for a good 5 minutes. I hugged her and made my way from her hips to back and then finally to her boobs. She was loving every bit of. I wondered if I liked fucking my ass was I gay?Fast forward ten years and several treatment centers later, I was at peace with my sexuality. I considered myself to be a bisexual male with leanings towards women. So at the time of my incarceration, I was married. We didn't have the best relationship before I ended up in jail and it went down hill once I was arrested. At my sentencing hearing my wife told me to expect divorce papers.The ward I was on was long and narrow. On one side, bunk beds.

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