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I licked her pussy n now she was awake. She got up n undid my pants n undies. Now my cock was in full attention.She started to give me a blowjob. She in a doggy style sucking my cock. I started to lubricate her ass hole with my fingers. She was tight there. I lubricated my fingers with her pussy juice n again started to fuck her ass hole with my fingers. She bit my cock lightly when my finger drove in her ass. She was too tight there. I came in her mouth. I turned her n placed her ass. “Take them off, Don. Please take them off,” she gasped.When I moved between her long, shapely legs, she lifted her hips slightly, letting me slide the sodden fabric off her. The obviously aroused, beautiful Mrs. Sarah Blevins lay naked in my bed.I played with her soft short curls, probably the shade of honey-blond the hair on her head would be if the sun couldn't kiss it. Just to get her reaction, I ran my fingers over her damp slit and then slipped them into my mouth. She watched me with. It was harder to elude her. Laura had to plead her period, or a touch of flu, or general exhaustion, just to get an evening alone.Finally, she succeeded and was settling into a warm bath when the phone rang. She listened to the answering machine to see who it was. Shavon's warm, urgent voice wafted to her from the living room."Laura, god I've missed you."Then there was a long silence. Laura by now was sitting bolt upright in the bath, listening eagerly. She had not seen Shavon for months. She. All are above 40 years till 45 years and they were wearing sari 3 of them have wear the sleeveless blouse & 1 have wear a blouse with small sleeves.I got attracted to one of the lady she had worn Green net sari with a deep sleeveless blouse from back & front. Just seeing her boobs are very big must be 38D and she is looking a hot & horny lady in all 4 females. So after viewing all 4 ladies I found this lady and try to concentrate on her only. I started staring her from top to bottom and try to.

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