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. I look like a..." You look like my slut Mary. My slut. Remember? You're my slut now." For this week maybe... I guess." No 'I guesses' about it. You'...e my slut forever now Mary. Anytime I want you slut, you will come... won't you... slut?'I felt my cunt flood with the realization that he was right. I'd be his slut forever now. He could get me to do things somehow... Matt had never been this way with me.I whispered back to him, while looking at the floor."Yes." Yes what Mary? Look at me... be. Good morning, baby doll…wanna talk for a bit…? My fingers immediately typed out a reply, as a smile finally crept onto my face. Yes, please! I adore talking to Mike on the phone. He doesn’t know it, but sometimes when he’s telling a long story, I half listen and just admire his voice. He picks on my New England accent, but all I know is his voice is wicked sexy, whether he agrees that “wicked” is an adverb or not. The phone rings, and I take a deep breath before answering. Mike! Hi! Well,. All right, how old do you think Chief Xolan is?" Chief Xolan?" Nil glanced over at Lavender puzzled. "I don't know; eighty, ninety seasons, maybe a hundred. I doubt it's much more than that." Lavender, how old is your father?" Jarrah asked gently."Fifty-two seasons," Lavender whispered back. Nil just stared at her."Fifty-two seasons, Nil," Jarrah repeated. "But to us he appears to be almost double that." That can't be right!" he protested."Yes, it can," Jarrah reiterated. "The Kushitic age much. ." "Ooh, because you're so big..." she moaned back. I swear, she always knows what to say to rev my engine. Even when she doesn't realize it. Bringing my body vertical again, I grabbed her thighs and held her legs apart as I angled my hips and thrust even harder into her. I held her legs just behind her knees, my hands grasping her tightly. She begged me not to stop, not that she really needed to. There was no way I was stopping anytime soon. After a few more minutes of thrusting, I could feel.

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