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"Not here. Not now." I let out a deep breath of air. I hear him groan slightly. My mind was spinning. He turns to go back into the kitchen. I de...ided to leave for lunch and return back at around 7 pm. The boss left me a note on the counter explaining he had an emergency to take care of and if I needed anything to call. For the most part, it was a slow evening. A few customers here and there. Nothing I couldn't handle on my own. About 9 pm you walked into the restaurant again. “Twice in. “Yeah, we needed to close our bubbles,” Chris answered.“Yes, but I also saw your bubble in the smoke, or maybe what I saw was an absence of smoke in the area where your bubble was,” I told her. “Policing up the brass at the range brought the memory back. I was going to tell you about it when we got to Camp Darby but forgot with everything else that was going on. In any event, we need to try to avoid situations involving smoke or fires,” I finished.“Could you see me inside the bubble?” Chris. Well of course Id have to be stupid not to, especially after tonight, I said leaning in to kiss her. So as I left her house it was close to 4 in the morning and I would need to get showered, changed, and well rested for my date tomorrow. I woke up about noon, meaning I had to show and change, and get some cash from the ATM, so as I got back to my place it was about 4:30 so I called Sam about what time I should come get her to which she replied, Does 8 sound good, I wanted to see that new flick. I was required to count and shout out the number of strokes as they landed, usually 15 or 25, depending on the nature of the offense. Some times during the course of my spanking my mother would give me the order “Stretch!” which meant putting my privates on display. This meant I had to reach back with both hands and stretch my bottom cheeks so that my pussy and my asshole were in full view. This meant that anyone who happened to be around got to see everything, not a very pleasant event for a.

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