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He scolded higher. I lifted it above my waist, exposing the moist swollen folds of my pussy. What had I gotten myself into? His hand reached out and h...s fingers slid through my tight little slit. An electric shock shot through my body. I let out a loud moan. Let me see those hot little titties of yours he said as he pulled my sweater up and over my head. He said wait right here I’ll be right back. He took my sweater with him so I could not leave. I sat there wondering what he was going to. “I mention this because I want you, our graduates, to leave here knowing that you will be inventing the future. The things you work on will become part of history. You are part of history. Never forget that. From this day forth, you are establishing your legacy by which future generations will know you.“If it harms none, then do it. Protect the weak from the strong. Follow those two rules and mankind will cherish you even while you live. Follow those two rules, and history will remember you. I layed on her bed, squirming and softly jerking my cock covered in pantyhose. i felt so dirty and sexy at the same time. So as i lay in her bed, i didnt hear her car pull in or her come into the house, all i heard was the knob of the door turn, and instantly froze. She walked in and saw me in her lingerie. "Ryan! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!" I was so scared, my only reply was "Uhmmm...." She walked over to me, really scoping me out as she approached, sat down next to me, im trying to cover. Ahhhhhhh yesssss baby, you feel so good inside of me. You grab my hips and start to rock back and forth, back and forth. Your cock almost comes all the way out before you plunge back in hard. Yesssss baby, faster, I want all of you now. I am hot and want you badly. Get wild on me baby, I push back harder against your cock and then I reach down to touch my wet pussy, playing with my clit. You feel my hand touching myself and also touching you as you ram into me over and over and over.

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