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”“OH MOM! I’m so glad you’re going to let Angie come fuck Jerry too. She saw him earlier and nearly peed all over herself. I would give up my ...ig titties and my sexy ass - to see my little sister have the body I have now.”I had to ask, before this went any further, “How old is Angie?”“Fifteen.”I told them, “We are not going to force her to let us make any changes to her body!”Patricia told me, “Jerry, we may have to tie her down, to keep her from attacking you and raping you right here in front. “Also we do have the means to defend ourselves as befits two valiant warrior maids,” she said as she pulled out from her pack two wicked-looking kitchen knives. “Now eat this piece of dried meat and then we are going to sleep after I give your sore limbs a massage so you can use them tomorrow.”What started as a massage quickly became something more. We did not have the oils and creams that we typically used in the palace, and soon it was Nour’s mouth and tongue which substituted for her hands.. " Not quite," I snapped, feeling irritable and ill-used, or was it thatnasty surprise of nature which visited me in the morning, taking me mostof the day to figure how to handle. "But I suppose you know all aboutit." Why would I?" he countered innocently, inspecting me closer now. I wasa mess, albeit a tidy one, a replica of a well dressed female with onlythe most cursory information to go by. I'd showered thoroughly, aninteresting experience though I'd bypassed some potential pleasures.More. Then we would blackmail Mary Ann into playing along with us for a couple weeks, and then I would destroy the photos. (I didn't tell her about my silent camera, the camcorder hidden in the closet, or the tape recorder I was going to hide under her bed.)The next day I rode home on my bicycle and got to the house before anyone was there. Mom wouldn't be home for several hours. I hid the video recorder in Angela's closet on her top shelf and my silent camera under a pile of her clothes. I started.

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