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I wanted to prove that I was an adult and in the act itself, I proved to be more childish than I was years earlier. We lived with my parents, Tom and...Carol Harlan in Mehlville MO. A small part of South County in St. Louis. For about 6 months we lived there until I announced my pregnancy. It was quite the shock to everyone. We went to doctors and processed the proper medical insurance forms to have the baby who was due on May 8th. We also moved into our own place in Evergreen. We still had no. The cigarette she took out and lit gave her time to think. She took a long draw. The smoke filtered from her nostrils. ‘Miss Forrest…’ ‘Look,’ she eventually said. ‘I’m really confused about all of this.’ The D.A. turned to stare at Williams and Jeffries. A puzzled frown covered both features. Thompson’s cold, blue eyes flicked back to the redhead. ‘Why are you confused?’ Katherine took another long drag. ‘Well, when these two officers took me into custody yesterday, I was open enough with. ’ Jen agreed, still refusing to meet her mother’s gaze. ‘We’re both going out with him.’ From the thunderstruck expression on Mrs. Reed’s face, Jahn guessed her ready to keel over, and he reached out to steady her elbow only to be completely ignored. Having raised two daughters on her own, surviving one husband and the other in prison, Mary Reed was made of far sterner stuff. No heart attack, no fainting. ‘I… see. Fiona will be in tonight, or is she gone for the weekend?’ ‘She’ll be back later.. She blamed herselffor the whole affair … the beautiful angel. In all truth, shewasn’t anymore to blame than this blonde vixen who had wanted itall to happen as much as Peg had … and it had been an experienceCarol would never forget, thanks in part to her animal-lover besideher …! Her spirits bolstered by the brandied coffees and thebrilliant sunshine pouring through the window, Carol began to enjoylighter feelings, no less sorrowed by Peggy’s abrupt departure.

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