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“Now what are we eating? I’m starving. Don’t tell me you’ve made a salad with no dressing because it’s good for me.”She enjoyed the chili ...nd as the wine went down she relaxed and I could sense she was beginning to feel at home. She wasn’t used to being asked out, let alone plied with food and drinks at a table by the sea.When the mosquitoes got too bothersome we moved inside and sat together on one of the three odd settees in the vast sitting room.“Are you going to seduce me now?” she asked. Wendy also made it quite clear to Dion that he was to send pictures of the purchases back to Wendy for her approval. Wendy did not want Terri to arrive on Tuesday looking like a throw back to 1968 and the flower c***d movement. After all the purchases were approved by Wendy Dion was given the green light to introduce the girls to Warren who was like a Greek god. Warren had muscles in all the right Places including the prominent bulge in his crotch Terri was turned on by all this attention given. This way, I could learn the proverbial tricks-of-the-trade. As it was now early January, I had some six weeks until university recommenced for the first semester. I wanted to work full time (around five or six nights a week), until university studies took priority. After that, I could work every Friday and Saturday night or an occasional Sunday as well. My initiation with Gayla was both eye-opening and rewarding. I now felt that I could manage on my own. Over our allotted eight hour shifts,. It did however mean giving up a lot including her master who she regularly went to most weekends for some form of correction or just dominant sex.That last weekend; On the Friday afternoon, she rang as to tell hubby she was on her way home from work, so he ran a bath ready for her. When she got in he helped her undress once she was in her bubble filled bath he fetched a glass of wine. Gently and lovingly he sponged her over enjoying the sensation of sliding his hands over her contours which.

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