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The weekend’s fifth and final session was preceded by the Sex Partner Swap Meet. Incredulous rumors about the budding superstar were spreading throu...h the select group of guest coach tutors. Those fortunate fathers whose sexual vigor had been dissolved by Aquila’s embrace whispered undying admiration. Kurt persevered through the swap negotiations with hard bargaining for Aquila’s last available slot. His success was rewarded as he boldly indulged his rejuvenated libido throughout their night. Angie Tracey has a dildo goin mad in her cunt so you don't have to stick you tongue into her cunt but you need to lick her slit and clit and suck and nibble her clit until she cums. Is that ok with you two?" they answered in unison "Yes" They set about their task with gusto.Chloe got some KY jelly from her bedroom so she could lubricate Angie's sphincter. Angies ass hole was so tight it could never have had anything stuck into it. Chloe intended to change that soon. It wasn't long before Angie. ."I waited anxiously as Sean took a moment to pause, pacing back and forth pensatively until he finally said what he wanted to say. He continued using a lower volume as he said, "I--- I just don't know if I wanna do anything like that again... Or at least not with you... NOT THAT I DON'T LIKE YOU, I DO... BUT AS A FRIEND... YA KNOW???" I blushed from the embarrassment feeling ashamed of myself for causing this tension between us. I agreed with Sean as I nodded my head saying, "Umm... Yeah,. “Coming good.” The large lady stepped into the door way that Jessie had disappeared out of only a second ago. “Doesn’t look like much.” she said, taking in what I had done so far. “Still getting myself prepped,” I managed to say. I turned my back on her before she noticed the growing wet spot at my crotch. “Okay, well let me know if you need anything,” she said, walking out of the door frame. “Hey mom!” Jessie yelled down the stairs. “Will you ask the repair guy to come up here. I want him.

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