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The one that’s all cumshots. This rambles a little…sorry.During gang bangs I did suck cock, it would get nice and sloppy; I not only swallowed a l...t but I also ‘wore’ some. I also mentioned a ‘tip cup/glass’ in the one gang bang story. If a guy couldn’t wait he could make a ‘deposit’ in that. When I took a break, for a smoke or the toilet, I’d make sure to empty the tip cup once back in the room. The guys loved to watch me gulp it down. After an hour or two in a bookstore, on a decent night, I. In fact Ithink I even have a name for your alter ego." He was eating out of myhand."Yeah?" he asked as he placed his hand on my hip. My grin widened."Like a super hero name?" Yep. The Atomic Wedgie," I said.Flash frowned. "The Atomic... wedgie?"I nodded. Then pulled his suit pants up with all of my considerablestrength. Flash let out a strangled cry of surprise. His eyes crossedand there was a tearing sound. He whimpered and as his knees buckledI stole his VIP pass. I was suddenly holding his. " With that she stripped off her bra and pulled her shorts off. "John, fuck me right here."I wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth. The green was elevated and there was nothing behind it but some trees. She bent over and leaned against the slant of the hill. I pulled my shorts off and moved in behind her. I had gotten an erection when she first started pulling her bra off. I took my cock and rubbed it against her pussy. She was extremely wet. I slipped in up to the base of my cock. She. Megan was amazed, it was so big and straight, standing like a flagpole. She reached her hand out to it.“Can I touch it?”“Of course!”She prodded it timidly at first, then grabbed it and stroked it a little. “I have an idea,” she whispered, “How about I kick off my shoes and you fuck my feet with that big dick?”“Don’t have to ask me twice!” he stood up, his pulsing cock at the ready. Megan pulled her shoes off and laid down on the seat, feet in the air. She wrapped them around his dick. It was.

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