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He looked down at her and drank the sight in, the sweaty forehead and flushed chest, her nipples standing out at attention… But no smile. Not even h...r eyes showed any satisfaction, betraying what her body told him. He let himself slowly fall back, bring her down with him on his chest, he slipped her panties down as far as he could from his angle, waiting until she decided to take them off completely. She turned around on top of him and sat on her haunches, her hands on his chest, he took hold. Nicole cut one leg and then the other leg.The pants, or shreds, fell to my ankles, resting on the ropesthat held my ankles together and I stood in front of her in myt-shirt and a pair of pink satin panties, size small, whichtightly held my penis back."Oh my!" She exclaimed as I felt the crimson rushing into myface. Standing up, she took my chin and moved my face, which Iwas desperately trying to hide, in front of hers and held itthere. "Do you have a penis?" She asked and then burst. And Divya didn’t react. She smiled. I tightened the grip over her hands and pulled her towards me.She inched closer and clung to me. She was blushing and didn’t look into my eyes. She was staring down at the floor. I lifted her chin up using my left hand. She was still blushing.I tried to smell through her body. And there was this soft scent of her sweat. There was this stinginess in Divya that turned me on, something that I have missed forever while making love with Megha.I planted a soft kiss. I bite my lip and hang on as his cock drives me closer to orgasm. "OOhhhh shit!" I scream as I cum again, my juice coating his cock and the leather beneath us.He doesn't skip a beat, grabbing me off of the chaise lounge and bending me over his desk. He begins to fuck me faster, grabbing onto my tits for support. I can only moan and scream, leaning forward on the cool metal as his dick dips deep into my juicy cunt. My sensitive clit can't handle his fucking, and I cum yet again, whimpering with.

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