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She woke from her reverie to find herself highly aroused rubbing herself softly through her panties. She gathered her thoughts, finished her brandy, a...d put herself to bed. Her dreams were scattered and erotic, a strange and curious imagery of sapphic pleasure.---Laura and Jennifer were partners in every way possible at these dinners. They anticipated each others moves. They had come to New Canaan years ago. Both from religious backgrounds. Each with no illusions about their nature. They knew. She got me down on the bed and knelt between my legs. Then she pushed my legs up and licked my asshole, just like that.She held my cock and said “He’s sleepy now, but i’ll fix dat.” She started what turned out to be a long, slow rim job that had me hard in about 30 seconds. “See, he likes it”. “No shit” I thought, “I hope I don’t have another airburst.”She kept it up for I don’t know how long, then turned her attention to my cock and balls. She was able to get all of me in her mouth. I entered Sis's bedroom, wrapped in the towel, which was finally nowslightly tented below my waist in anticipation of what I was about to do.I tried to conceal my embarrassment. The towel was wrapped under my armsin the fashion of a woman. Somehow, I felt that was now appropriate."Oh good, you're done. I've laid out an outfit for you to wear. Startgetting dressed, please," Sis directed, as she exited her room. "I'msure you know how," she threw at me over her shoulder.On her bed was the. He looked into her eyes then leaned down and kissed her. She slid her arms around his neck and leaned into his kiss. His arms around her back slid down to grab her ass and hold her closer to him. She slid her tongue into his mouth and nipped at his tongue when it followed hers back to her mouth. He slid his hands up her back caressing her as he did. He broke the kiss and said, ‘Tina, oh Baby, You feel and taste so good. I want you.’ She moaned and said, ‘Paul, I want you too. I have for.

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