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Previously, there had been quite the number of little flames, each burning brightly and merrily performing their unsteady dance. Although the ambitiou... ones among them certainly tried, none burned brighter than the flame between the two, currently laying motionless and entangled inside the soft bed.It had started, as the brightest and most violent fires do, with a vapor, that caught a spark. His face inches away from her neck, he had smelt her heady scent. The electrical sensation coursing. As the euphoria wore off, I was surprised that that feeling of shame I'd had with my first time with Michelle didn't crop up. I pulled up my panties, and sat numbly on the corner of the bed my head spinning as I tried to process everything. Derrick pulled on some boxers. He went to the door, and unlocked it. He turned to me with a dark smile."Your mine now, bitch...and don't forget it," he said as he left the room.I was his. I hated him. I hated myself, but most of all... I hated Michelle.. You remember that we used to go out with no money, and just play pool for drinks all night. I told Carolyn that it really felt like old times, but that we definitely needed to take money with us, since I had not played much in the past few years. She laughed and said that although I used to be an excellent pool player, it was my huge tits and beautiful ass distracting the guys we used play against that won most of the games for us. She said it was almost unfair, because the guys would. ..and Tom's, too." Really?" he proudly asked, unbuttoning his pajama top and stepping out of his bottom."Really...lots bigger," she giggled. "My little brother's not so little, any more!"Dreamily, he climbed up on the couch as she reached up and pulled him to her. Her big, puffy nipples were darker now that she had matured, as they glistened with leaking milk. Lying down beside her, he felt her cup the back of the head, gently guiding his lips down to her bulging nipple. Opening his mouth like.

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