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“now I want that hot dog in your pants, and lets make It quick” she spoke. I knew that meant that foreplay was out. Jody dropped to her knees, my pants down with her. My hard cock stared right at her; she licked her lips again. I watched as she leaned in and right to sucking. She wasn't playing, as she was sucking me fast and hard. Jody let go as I pulled her up. I took off her top, and she unhooked her bra. For her body, her breasts were bigger but not by much. I didn't care either,. “You’re going to try to seduce Mr. Adams?” Dean couldn’t believe the audacity of his daughter.“Got it in one, Daddy. Did you see the pictures of his daughter? Redhead. His wife? Redhead. I’ve finally figured out that he only likes redheads. All I need to do is walk in and direct my womanly charms at him and he’ll be mine. I even dyed my pubic hair red so he won’t discover I’m really blonde.”“I have a feeling he’ll figure that out,” Dean muttered under his breath. “When are you off on this. Janice often prepares dinner while wearinga skintight maid’s outfit, fishnet stockings and highheels. I am either dressed in a leather jumpsuit or,when we’re in the mood, I wear only a pair of tightleather pants which has a special sheath into which Islip my prick, and it’s tied. One would definitely notwear them in public, but they’re great to enjoyprivately. Janice so enjoys tugging on my bound prick,watching the bindings strain as my hard-on strugglesto burst. But after missing curfew nearly every night for a week, and being caught on social media drinking and smoking has sent them over the edge, so it's off to Camp Nudie with you!On what seems like a normal night, you're fast asleep in bed after a tense night of the usual lecture from your parents."GET UP!" thunderous voices disrupt your peaceful slumber - and it doesn't sound like your parents.In fact its several large men dressed for a riot - surely your parents haven't called police on you?"Who.

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