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I felt your nipple rise against my tongue and I licked and sucked at the flesh until I felt the hard nut of it in my mouth. I heard a deep sigh escape...you and you parted your legs. I raised your skirts and petticoats and pushed them to your hips so that you were naked from the waist down. I left your nipple and touched the bow of the red satin garter and the smooth flesh near it. As I admired your legs and the flesh between them I felt you unbutton my fly and release my hard cock. Laying. She carefully closed the fastener behind my back. At the sound of theclick, I panicked. ?I can?t wear this, Jacqueline. This is too much!This is your bra!??Oooh, It looks so nice on your, Shawn,? she said, ignoring my protests.?This bra, has a soft underwire, but should be extremely light andcomfortable,? she said. ?I bet you?ll forget that you?re wearing it.?That didn?t seem possible. ?Well, I can definitely tell I?m wearing itnow!? I protested.She paused, deep in thought for several. ”I went back to eating my lunch. I was going to do what I needed to do regardless of how they felt. I know they were scared, but at some point, you need to just sack up.The rest of my day was fairly benign and I was looking forward to not worrying about looking over my shoulder during the weekend.I made it home without any more altercations and gave Mr. Carrigan a call, asking if I could have a conversation with him about an issue. He told me to come by as he wasn’t busy.I left mom a note. Before I got the chance to get online I got a surprise call at work late one afternoon from Stephen, the hotel manager. After exchanging initial small talk he got to the point. “I’ve got a room available tonight,” he began, “after about 5:30 but for as long as we want to use it. Are you still game?” I remembered parking in a grove of trees while he fed my face eight inches of uncut beauty. Stephen had told me sometimes rooms became available when people checked out late and asked if I’d be up.

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