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She felt her leaden feet and legs moving and realized in some dim part of her brain that he was walking her backwards. Her calves hit something soft a...d she fell backwards. Her nipple popped out of his mouth and she cried out again, partly from falling, but also from the loss of his oral stimulation. Then his hot body was next to hers and she opened her eyes to see herself and her now naked Uncle in a bank of mirrors. She was disoriented at first, as his mouth found her nipples again and she. ’ ‘You know me. I just can’t get enough of work.’ John laughed. He continued on his way through the factory past the large cutting and grinding machines. The machines would shape and form the wood into many various pieces. The craftsmen would then put them together to create furniture. Tim limped his way into the office, and there stood, Brenda Wright. She had long blonde hair to the middle of her back and had deep blue eyes that looked so sexy. Her body was fantastic with full 38 inch breasts. The ground was baked glass due to the heat, but the flames didn’t lick across the open space, instead gliding along the inner walls, as though the Earth and flame were lovers, one gently caressing the other. No fear of their bubble being seen as a void in the fire as they progressed.“Shelly’s not getting any free-er with us standing out here,” Sonia griped.“Just remember,” Lysa informed them, “they can’t see, hear, or smell us. Don’t get close enough for them to touch you, much less taste you. My favourite spot was a 30 minute bike-ride from home, in a clearing down from the parking lot and bike path. It was great exercise getting there and back 3 or 4 times a week, kept me in good shape and put a healthy tan on my skin.There were a number of regulars like myself who I would see from time to time and we were all on a somewhat friendly basis. We would always make eye contact and give a nod and a smile, and some would stop and make small chat about the weather or if the fish were.

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