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Maybe I deserved this. Maybe this is a dream? Maybe when she wakes up she will forgive me and not call the cops? No I don't think so not after what I done to her. Which brings a thought to mind, maybe I planned this when I saw her? Maybe I wanted this? I don't know, and at the moment my mind is telling me I need to do something before she does wake up and start the screaming and crying and hitting I foresee in my head.I get out of the car and scrounge around some in the garage grabbing some. I looked around with a start, nearly choking Sally with my cock before I remembered and made sure my body didn't swivel. Shit - where did he come from? I wouldn't have guessed he would turn up on a Saturday: he never had before when I did work for him. At least the cube screens were hiding us from view. He wouldn't have seen me apparently humping a desk. Unfortunately he also closed far too quickly for Sally to extricate herself: she squeezed in under the desk."No, don't get up", said Mr A as. She grabbed a handful of the bedspread as he swatted her ass again."You like that do you, slut? You like being the boss's bitch?" he growled."Ohh! God, yess. Please, fuck me," Rebecca moaned as he pistoned in and out of her like some kind of lewd machine. He leaned forward until he was right at her ear. Grabbing a handful of her blond hair, he hissed into her ear."Reach between your legs and play with that pussy, slut. Play with that pussy and finger that clit as I fuck you!" Ahh..." she cried. He’s nice. Wants to know when you can practice.’ ‘He should be in class right now, but see if you can raise him on his cell.’ I leaned back, running my hands over the fine body lying across my lap. She punched in the number and said, ‘Stop that. You are making me wet. Hello, Carlos, can you talk to Theo?’ She handed me the phone. ‘Hola, Carlos, I am bad. Can you and Arturo pick me up tomorrow after school and we’ll go to my high school field? Coach says it is ok.’ ‘Senor Theo, we are ready!’.

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