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She wore a black silk night shorts and very loose black silk matching top. The shorts were high up on her thigh. The material was very loose like you ...ould slide your hand right up the leg without hitting a thing. The way my mother was sitting on the couch, kind of on her side with her head back, I could she her nipples through her top. They were very erect. My mother had always had very large breasts. I think that is wear my sister got them from. My parent’s room was large. It had a sitting. "Yanna gave Sirinna a respectful nod. "Good day, Sirinna," she said politely. "And good day to you, Amanda."Now it was Amanda's turn to be surprised at being addressed directly. "Oh, uh, good day." May I join you?" Please do," Sirinna said. "We have enough for another."Amanda only now recognized who the girl was, and she shifted nervously as Yanna sat down next to her. Her gown had flattened out again over her legs, and she stuffed it back down over her crotch with a quick jab of her. “No, please. Leave them on. You look amazing in them.” She smiled and put them back on her nose, not letting go of his throbbing cock while she did. “Okay teacher,” he laughed nervously, “what do we do now?” “Well, you can start touching me now if you like.” She giggled. “I’m already touching you. You are hard Kyle, you need to be careful not to cum too quickly. Don’t let me bring you off before I’m ready. Okay?” He nodded and reached up to cup her. I mean, in a way, it's a compliment, I suppose, that he thinks I'd turn guys on. I realize that I've told you about Alan, I guess I should tell you about me. I'm blond, not natural, I wish, long, down past my shoulders, often in a ponytail, nice skin, brown eyes, dimpled chin, 36-C (just), narrow waist, pretty legs, I guess that's enough. Oh, breasts are nice and firm, curved up a bit with small, pink nipples that get really hard when aroused which, being with Alan, is quite a lot. Yes, he is.

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