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I let my eyes drop to "her girls", sighed, and then brought my gaze back up to her face. Her question still hung in the air – why I didn't make a pa...s at her – and though I knew the reason, it wasn't the sort of thing to feel good about.She waited me out. She kept her gaze on me as I turned to look at the lake, across the lake, to the trees beyond, or anywhere ELSE besides looking at her. But with one final sigh, I returned my eyes to hers and admitted, "Well, uh, you're kinda out of my. Phir ouske baad kaya huwa, voh apnay ghar kayoun nahi gayee, mein ne kab apnay aap ko undress kiya. Kaya voh sach keh rahi thi keh mein ne ousko khud nanga kiya tha. Kaya yesterday noon time ki tarah mein ne ouski baat maani thi aur buht majboori mein ouskay saath sex ki thi ya keh jaisay voh keh rahi thi vaisa huwa tha keh hum dono agarcheh razamand thay magar puri tarah nashay mein thay aur mein ne ousko apni sexy selfish lust aur hawas ka nashana banaya tha. Voh mujhay ilzaam nahi de rahi. To Cloud, it was just that. This box held her past. The past that she both loved and hated at the same time. After searching through the box for some time, she carefully lifted out an old picture. Gingerly wiping the dust off of the frame, she couldn’t help but laugh. The picture revealed her and her late mother. The mother she had loved and given up everything but her own life to protect. Cloud didn’t regret her choices. Given the chance, she’d go through it again if it would mean saving her. Tabitha's husband Bill was an alcoholic. He denied it of course and told her that taking his customers out to lunch or dinner was part of his job. If the customer drank then he had to drink too. Couldn't have the customer thinking that Bill wasn't an all right guy, could he?Maxine's husband George was cheating on her with his secretary. She didn't just suspect it, she knew! She had seen them go into a motel room together and she watched for five hours before she left and they had never come.

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