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I picked her up and threw her on the bed, ripping off her jockey, traced down my fingers all the way from her breasts, down to her waist, running them...over her belly button, moved them over to her plump ass. And gradually I brought my mouth along the same path.I held her ass in both my hands, spread her legs and was facing her pussy now. It was glistening with her juices, overflowing like a waterfall. I breathed over her vagina. This made her go completely crazy. She grabbed my hair and pushed. Jake put on a scary movie and Paley immediately nuzzled up against him as the movie started.Like clockwork though Lucky knew it was getting to the point when he would be able to lick the little girl’s pussy. As that time came and went, he became more anxious. Paley didn’t notice curled up next to Jake watching the horror movie she had been forbidden from seeing, but Jake noticed.He was getting anxious too, enough of the cool older brother type shit had been going on that evening. Jake wanted to. Mandy instantly tensed when I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her legs shot straight out when I flicked my tongue over that sensitive bundle of nerves. She thrust her hips up to my mouth, shuddered, and cried out. “Oh god! Yeesss!” She continued to shudder for nearly a minute as an orgasm washed over her in waves. As she lowered her hips, I inhaled deeply. We relaxed with my head still lying near the juncture of her legs. I said to her, “Aaah Mandy! There’s nothing like the taste and aroma of. I was panting and she noticed that. I told her that I was horny as hell.N- Whats wrong?? Are you alright??A- Yeah. I was just imagining what you said and I am horny.N- Hahaha! Shut up!A- Seriously. I am not kidding.N- Okay. Tell me what you liked in this??A- Everything. He was soo lucky and so stupid to dump someone like you.N- Stop buttering and tell me what you liked.A – Everything.I was explaining her in detail and she was also panting. That was the first time we had phone sex.This continued.

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