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She kept glancing back and smiling that timid smile before she blushed like mad. After about 15 minutes I just couldn’t take it anymore, finished my...drink and made my way over to introduce myself. (A guy’s at least got to try right?) On my way over to her, I tried to think up some smart line to impress her, but by the time I got there, I had drawn a blank and just ended up blurting out my name then looking completely embarrassed. She had a giggle at this and then in the sexiest accent I had. (do I reely need to do it?)"ay syempre, puta naman, pano kita hihilutin ng my damit, sige na hubad na, marami nakong nakitang ganyan wag ka na mahiya" mag Nardo replied. (ofcourse, how can we start with you cloths on, go on, take it off, I have seen many of that thing so don't be shy)So I took off my shirt.To my surprise, Mang Nardo asked me to remove my bra "yang bra, hubarin mo rin para walang istorbo" (your bra, took it off too so that there are no obstacle)"Huhubarin din ho ito? baka naman. ” “ Listen, open up. I have a proposition for you.” “ Oh yeah! What?” “ Open up and I'll tell you.” “ How do I know you're not going to try to fuck me like you tried in the barn?” “ You're the one who tried to seduce me and make me your farmhand? Now let' me in and let's talk.” Sarah knew he was right. She did seduce him. She invited him to dinner, got him high and they had a wild night and morning and the thought made her horny. “ Okay, I'll let you in, but don't you touch me or you. Over her panty I guessed she had a hairy cunt. I slid my hand inside her panty to find she had a swollen pussy covered with long silky pubic hair. I was softly keeping her bal (pubic hair) as my fingers ploughed through her grassy valley. Wooowww, it was so hot. My fingers had a sort of burning sensation.No sooner had I reached her already erect clit and tinckled it than I found to my amazement that she already started oozing love juices. That lubrication facilitated my fingers’ unopposed.

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