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Gottlieb,” Estrella continued.“Because she has focused on me as her lone victim. That’s why. It’s a combination of obsession, stalking, and su...vival for her. For whatever reason, she determined that she should concentrate all of her hits on me and mine. You see, to further complicate things, I’ve never pressed charges against her. Regularly, like clockwork, she breaks into my place. I don’t even bother with locking that upstairs window anymore. I just cover it up, so as not to be obvious to. It was some lube, a couple of towels and an enema bag with nozzle. She then went into the bedroom, where she got a fairly large butt plug, and then a bottle of white wine from her dining room. I was very confused, but knew I would find out what she had planned soon enough. She filled the enema bag with water and laid a towel out on the bathroom floor. She hung the bag on a towel ring on the wall and got on all fours on the floor in front of me. All I wanted to do was mount this stunning sex. She was wheelchair bound since both legs were out of commission for awhile. She had a drain tube in her side with a bag attached to the wound. She looked pale and weak.The police had questioned her but her recollection of the events were still foggy or so she said.I had not had any contact with Candy since she left the hospital. I had put the finalization of the divorce on hold until she was well plus she still needed my insurance. Monica visited her several times at her grandparents house but. His hands slid down to her waist undoing the button and zipper that held her slacks closed and again her body trembled against him as she felt his hands moving around her. His teeth gently nibbled at her neck and ears as his hands pushed the slacks from her body and she lay there naked before him trembling in anticipation wanting to pull him into her. He stood up and removed his shirt. His muscles now again revealed to her wanting eyes and they scanned over him seeming to undress the rest of.

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