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.."Ohhhh, I'm verrrrry grateful, don't worry about that" Oh, before I forget. Did you go online to check and see how far in advance we have to take" Gracie asks. "Yeah, I checked into it. It says 5 days, but preferably a week in advance and their should be no worries." (bell starts ringing in the hallway) "Thank you Jamie! And thank your sis for me when you get home later. I appreciate the both of you like you'll never know. I'll text you later, ok?" (both girls scurry to their. He groaned as he was obviously cumming with his cock buried in my wife's ass.When his orgasm petered out he let her down and she laid down in the bed curled up in a ball. He stepped away and then the video ended.I sat stunned in my chair, unable to understand the meaning of what I had just seen. I did not move for a long time. But then I became aware my phone was ringing. It was Tina.I did my best to compose myself and answered, "Hi honey, how is the training going." "Oh Bob, I am learning so. "I must be crazy," she mumbled. Then her lips locked on mine for a long sensuous kiss. Jesus, the woman was the best kisser I'd ever met. When she let me go we were both breathing erratically. I wanted more of those kisses but I had to get home."I gotta go, Jane but next time you aren't getting away so easily." I'll take my chances," she said huskily.When I got home I scrubbed off the make up Cin had painted me up with. It took some doing as that stuff was made to stay on. My beak didn't look. He was already awake. David and scary movies do not get along.Amazingly refreshed, Wendy drafted David ... and the Suburban ... the dynamic duo headed back to the rockslide and the Wendy sized tunnel.No amount of talking could convince Wendy to stay out of the cave. David held her rope until she tugged it twice. Dropping his end, he picked up 'Submarine Warfare during WWII', leaned up against the cliff face and started to read.He never noticed the slow slither of a recalcitrant rope. Ever so.

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