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“A few times Bert thought he was not enough for me, that I needed more. That was not true, but, when he made his mind up ... So, twice he arranged f...r me to be gang fucked. You know, ten or twelve guys at a time.”“Did you like that?”“Bittersweet. I loved all the fucking but I was hurt because Bert felt he was not enough for me.”“You really loved him, didn’t you, Mary?”She smiled wanly. “More than you will ever know. More than he ever knew.”“And, Andy?”“No one has touched her except Bert. He. . instead Peta roughly twists my arms behind me.. The cuffs are tight ..uncomfortable and unnecessarily over tight.My rights are read. I nod that I understand. Tears in my eyes The other officers are watching the screen as I am displayed from all angles being fucked by Ares.. different clips from the other videos popping up randomly.. all of me in disgusting sexual displays..The looks of disgust I see aimed at me starts to break down my tough look shield.. tears flow.Roughly pushed to the door. "We may be easy but we ain't that easy. We're gonna go look at it first. Are you ready to take us down there?" Sherry asked."Sure, come on and get in the truck," I said, and we headed for it.I whistled up Spot and let him in first and then Sherry and Stacy got in on the passenger side. Sherry went on in to sit on the bunk and Stacy sat in the other seat."Y'all try to look for any place you might need us to widen the road while we're going, and take a look at any limbs that might crap up your. She had waited a long time, she had felt terrible, but, but, but - perhaps they would not strike Ayla very hard, not the first blow? - and feeling enormous guilt, she had called out ?All right, all right, then - one!?. She winced, but Ayla had not cried out.It was never easy, but it became easier each time. She did her best, but five more times she had to have help or stay in the pit forever, and Ayla had always borne it - till the last stroke. She could not bear that sound, the sound of.

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