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I unzipped his pants and pulled out his nasty prick. He didn't budge as he continued to concentrate on the road and it was obvious he wasn't going to me. I put my mouth over the tip of his cock and started sucking. He was rock hard.I had forgotten about the activities going on in the back until I heard my wife's moaning getting louder. I heard her gasp, "Don't stop" as Shane continued to finger her pussy. Moments later she exploded into orgasm. She gathered herself and noticed we were. “Good!” Hailey said. “I’m ready for some loving!”“I do love you,” Phil told her.“Show me,” Hailey insisted.“Oh, I will,” Phil assured her. He pulled her back to him for a long, wet kiss, his hands tracing down her back. Hailey pulled back long enough to lift her shirt over her head and unclasp her bra. Phil buried his face in her breasts and sucked greedily on her pink-tipped nipples.“Oh, God, Baby,” Hailey said breathily as she clutched him to her. Phil moved his mouth up to meet hers and. Venezia leans all the way up to move her hands down to Roxie’s nipples. She pulls them firmly while grinding her pussy on Roxie’s stomach. Roxie screams get shorter and harder, so I slam into her faster until I’m using everything I have. Her pussy gets tighter around me and soon tries stopping me, but Venezia’s nipple play seems to be distracting her. With Roxie not squeezing my dick, I rock her pussy until it grips around me on its own. Her entire body tenses as her pussy constricts around my. I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing. She had on a loose tank top and some very loose fitting terry cloth shorts. Her nipples were clearly visible and when she would shift in her chair her pussy would peek out of those shorts. I knew that nothing was going to happen, as her son was due home soon, but still, I was enjoying the view. She told me a few days later that she had noticed me enjoying the view. Her son came in and went off to bed while we continued to talk.I finally got up.

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