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Prem and Prakash hugged her from both sides and they fell asleep. I slept in the couch of their house. I woke up to hear voices from the bathroom. The...three of them were having shower sex together. Prem and Prakash were applying soap to moms body. Then they started hugging her. They clutched the flesh from all parts of her body. Amudha was moaning continuously. I went to join them. But Prem told I am not allowed to join. Mom had her eyes closed in ecstasy that she didnt even know that I was. . be back home on time for curfew.”He chuckled again, “I look forward to it.” I hung up the phone. That should leave a good record for the police. I powered off my phone.Next up, I had to write a letter. Time was speeding by fast, but the next conversation had to be in person. I left the house and got on the bus to head to the trailer park. I had plenty of time waiting for the bus to write the letter. I sealed it before the bus got me there. This was the most important part. I knocked on. I wanted to vanish in those eyes.His arms rested around my head. He was caressing my face and looking in my eyes. He said I like you Reva. Reva, I like you. He practically started licking my whole face. I was getting mad with all such doings.He kissed my neck. He kissed me below the ear. He was caressing my neck back. Did he know? I get tickles when some one touches on my neck. No he was not touching me there. His finger tips were massaging my neck back. And that did not tickle me; instead I. "No, you old wheeler-dealer. You quote a price and I'll respond. All I will say is that the last time I talked to the bank they were talking about a two thirds mortgage. Our deposit would be pretty limited so we're unlikely to be able to afford this place now that we've built it up again. We've been waiting for this ever since you warned us a year ago of the way things might go. We don't want to go. We're very happy here. We're proud of what we've achieved and would be sad, not to mention hurt,.

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