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After the door closed, she dropped the gown to the floor and stood naked in front of me. Nadori looked very much like Naoki except that she no longer a small waist. May I undress you? I told her yes and slowly my clothing was removed. Will you allow me to give you a shower? In the shower, Naoki spent a lot of effort soaping and washing every part of my body. I found it very erotic and grew a tremendous hard on. She spent a lot of time on my cock and balls. Maybe you are even bigger that my. She rolled off of him and tried to cover herself with a sheet. I did not cry but I could not do anything else either, all I could do was blame myself. Can you believe it? We talked about marriage and starting a life together and when I catch him cheating on me all I can do is blame myself. I was weak. Do not get me wrong, I was vulnerable and young and immature but I would think that if it were anyone else they would have done something a little more appropriate for the situation. I walked. It intoxicated me so bad, I shivered. I laid down beside her, and we rubbed our pussys together, felt our tits softly. My wonderful boyfriend just smiled at us, sitting his recliner. He love to see me happy. I whispered to Terri:, (&hellip,he wants to watch us, lets give him a show, then fuck him silly!&hellip,) She said back: (&hellip,can I fuck him too?..) I said: (&hellip,no, but Ill let you play with him&hellip,) Terri moaned&hellip,.we laughed. That evening Terri and I went and got my. So I had still not "scored" with a girl. I was at, or near, the top of my classes, and quite good at swimming, tennis and cricket - very good in fact. But I shied away from "footie", the most popular, and alpha, sport. So I didn't quite fit in with the "experienced" guys, nor was I fully accepted as a nerd. I was quite fair, tallish, immature sexually and socially, with little or no body hair. I was told that my best features were my blue eyes and blond hair, my long, straight legs, and my cute.

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