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Sarge Steel's eyes wander off, ogling at her body, before he quickly turns his attention back to her face.''Enjoying the view sarge?'' Diana asks whis...ering.''Let's focus on the mission!'' He quickly tries to divert her attention to something else, well aware that he is guilty as a fox in a den filled with dead chickens.Even though Steel has seen it about a million times, he still can't help but stare at that well rounded ass but being her boss has prevented him from ever trying to get a piece. “Put my balls in your mouth and suck, softly.” Yen Yi looked at the teabag-shaped organ. It was so big she didn’t know how it would go into her small mouth. “Faster, and it better not hurt.” Yen Yi retracted her tongue and then stretched open her mouth to let the man lower his testicles in her mouth. With her tiny mouth, only one side could fit in. “Suck!” Yen Yi sucked softly at his genital, afraid to hurt it. “Ahh! Ahh! Now the other one.” Yen Yi released the first testicle and wrapped the. I gently kissed your eyes and nose and cheeks. I moved around to your ear and nibbled on the lobe. You moaned and tilted your head to give me access to your neck. I kissed my way down your neck and around to the hollow at the base of your throat. My hand shook a little as I reached for the top button on your blouse. You made no move to stop me so I opened it and kissed the uncovered spot. Slowly I opened each button until all were undone and I could open your blouse to reveal your chest with a. I did get a nice appraisal from her on the looks of my body and the way I keep it, groomed and cleaned, she did that with a nice eye wink, when she was done, her being flirty and easy going gave me the courage to ask her “what kind of a doctor I am facing?” after all, he would be seeing the most private parts of my body.She smiled, same time blushing red, saying “he is ok, but I would advise you to make sure I am present while he does the medical exam, ask him for that” I said “Why? Would he….”.

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