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He continued his revised story.“I was to carry hope for the future. A gift from Hitler to his successor. A sign of his faith and confidence. Do you who Blondi was, Contessa?”“Yes, Robert told me. He also told me I should hear the story again from you.”“As you insist. Blondi was Hitler’s shepherd dog. And sometimes, he told me, the only creature in the world that he completely trusted. She was...” He seemed to be fighting back tears. “She was there with him ... and Eva ... in those final. Sally was constantly irritable and she found fault with everything I did. She would light into me over some little thing and then the next day she would apologize and not an hour later she would be on me for something else. I knew what was wrong; I know why she was being the way she was and I did my best to ride with it, but I'm only human and every once in a while I would bark back at her and then things would be really chilly around the house for a while. We were in one of those cold periods. And I opened her upper skirt and now I can clearly see her big books through the black bra and I opened her bra and started sucking her boobs she moaned for the first time and said please don’t do it as something wrong may happen but still I sucked her boobs and I opened my zip and asked her to hold my dick in her hand and she too readily started moving her hand up and down of my dick and finally she inserted my dick in her mouth and starting sucking it and I was moving my finger in her cunt.. "Call me Alex, Mr. Barnes makes me feel old, and, you're welcome," he replied.I said ok and took a drink. As I was sitting the glass down I dropped it and orange juice spilled all over my clothes."Shit!" I exclaimed. After I realized I had just cursed in front of my teacher I covered my mouth with my hand and told him I was sorry.He laughed as he mopped up the orange juice with a dish towel. "It's not a problem, I don't know anyone who doesn't curse," he said with a wink. I couldn't tell if it.

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