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Her beautiful breasts danced before my eyes. I took one of her nipples in my mouth. I felt her nipple tense and harden as I gently played with it with...my teeth. She began to thrust her whole body back and forth on top me so that I had to put both of my hands on the bed behind me to remain sitting up. She threw her head back and put all of her energy into it. Both her hands where on my shoulders, so she could use me as leverage to thrust back and forth, forcing my penis deep in and all around. I. ' I said with awe.As I looked at my new self, I realized that I was the spitting image of mymother. Okay not exactly, but probably when she was a girl about my age. Mymum always dressed young and could have been my older sister in the photo Ihave on my shelf in the flat. I realised that to see my mother, all I neededto do was look in the mirror. I was part of her as she was part of me. Fromthat time on, I felt better about my mother. I had lost her but I had manyhappy memories of her and also. They stopped at Franco's Italian Grille."They have the best lasagna!" Sara said.Julia tried to keep from giggling during the meal. She watched Sara andNicole struggle not to get anything on them before they went skating.They were very proper, keeping napkins on their laps. They also madesure to wipe every speck off their faces.The skating rink turned into an adventure, at least for Nicole. She hadnever gone skating, not even as Nicholas.Sara did her best to help her."You're doing the robot,". I pushed for more info, but she was reluctant (possibly sensing trouble with the law.) I made an appointment and headed over. A beautiful, short blonde with great tits met me at the door, and ushered me into the room, which was a typical massage parlour room, including dim lights, a table, sink, oils, and new-age music playing. She asked me to get undressed and lie down on the table, and promised to return. After I stripped there was a knock at the door and the blonde re-entered, wearing a.

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