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She started, Dont think youre gonna&hellip,. When he interrupted, You have the right to remain silent. There was short laughter as he retrieved a bott...e of baby oil from the dresser drawer. No fuckin way, my wife stated firmly. With a hand on the back of her neck her forced her face down into the mattress and dipped his fingers into her pussy. He shoved his lubed finger at first slowly into her ass while she cussed and wiggled in protest. First one, then two until he positioned himself behind. Angu vibachaarigalum irupaargal, oru naan thanimaiyil angu sendru irunthen, antha idathil parka sila pengal ozhukamaaga irunthaalum niraiya pengal kutai paavadai matrum mulai theriyum padi aadai aninthu kondu irunthaargal.Veetil eppozhuthum kama padangal paathu ippozhuthu neril kutai pavadaigalai parka aananthamaaga irukirathu.En arugil pengal nadanthu selum pozhuthu idithu konde sendraargal, en methu avargalin mulai patathu. Enaku anaithu pengalaiyum paarthal aasai aasaiyai irunthathu, aanal. I'm leaving, and I don't know if I'm coming back."She was crying now, tears really gushing as she started to grab some things and pack her overnight bag. I realized what a terrible mistake I had just made, and I wished I could take it back, but it was too late. I had really hurt her feelings, and she was just devastated.Maybe in a couple of days, she would come to her senses. I decided the best thing to do was to give her some space for now, and let her get herself together. I went downstairs. I don’t know why, but I never pictured her wearing a thong. In the past, and even this morning, I had only ever seen her wearing bikini or boyshorts. Today, she had a zebra-print thong. She snickered before we could continue, ‘Your boxers are so cute! Let me see them!’ She moved in for a closer look. ‘Of all the days for me to wear the ones with cows skiing and snowboarding!’ I thought out loud slightly embarrassed. She slid two fingers into the waistband on either side. ‘Don’t be shy, I think.

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